3 Basic Concepts in Marketing through Social Media

3 Basic Concepts in Marketing through Social Media

3 Basic Concepts in Marketing through Social Media

What makes social media useful to your website? Its popularity along with the advancement of mobile devices have influenced the way people think, act, and deal with life in general. Read 3 Basic Concepts in Marketing through Social Media. Find out what social media is, understand how it can help, and come up with strategies to make the most out of the opportunity you have online!3 Basic Concepts in Marketing through Social Media

A Lesson from the Past

3 Basic Concepts in Marketing through Social MediaMany great personalities have succeeded long before the internet was formed. Think about Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken and John Rockefeller of the oil industry. You can also consider Shakespeare for his astounding plays. And, Thomas Edison for his remarkable inventions.

The world has long since benefited from their great minds even without the help of the internet. It’s just like the famous line, what goes around stays around. Their ideas have spread from individuals to countries across the globe. Through effective marketing, their successes have reached a vast number of people during their time and even in the years to come.

Similarly, Facebook and the other social media sites provide ways for websites to connect with their current and potential supporters. Through them, many others can know about the unique offerings and remarkable successes that websites have.

Marketing for a Purpose

Organizations, businesses, websites, and any other cause thrive because of those who follow them. Supporters help strengthen and uphold ideals. They give life to anything that exists even just for the shallowest reason. This is why websites need social media. They need people who can back them up with shares, likes, and other feedback.

What’s good about the internet is it promotes ideas way faster than the past. Here’s how it can help:

1. Create a Community of Engaged Supporters

What did you have in mind when you considered creating a website? Did you perhaps doubt whether they are necessary in marketing, especially when you only have a small number of target supporters in your local area? Well, what do you want to achieve?

Websites represent the identity of a cause. It represents the brand that you’ve diligently put up with a clear vision and mission.

Say for example that you are a supplier of educational materials, and you have your own place at the mall. With enough marketing through flyers, newspapers, and other physical ads, you were able to come up with a good number of consumers. People enjoy it when they visit you, and always love it when you give them discounts. Consequently, you earn and get satisfied with what has become.

You get satisfied with the thought that people adhere to your business. But, why not extend that satisfaction and gain to your consumers? Websites provide them with another way to know you. Through social media, they get to connect with you and with other consumers.

2. Cultivate Established Relationships

3 Basic Concepts in Marketing through Social MediaAccording to a study by Smart Insights, social media provides millions of content in just 60 seconds. Facebook generates 3.3 million posts, Twitter has 448,800 tweets, while Instagram has 65,972 uploaded photos—all these in 60 seconds! Social media has surely taken the internet.

When you have something to promote to others, you would find ways for them to access it easily. Almost everywhere in the world you’ll find people holding onto their mobile devices and going social. This way, you can:

  • Encourage people to buy your products
  • Help people in identifying with your ideals
  • Give feedback when people provide theirs
  • Guide people to your brand

Connecting with consumers online through social media is a way to maintain the relationship you have started. When you give them easy ways to access you, you’re valuing them and the relationship you have. Having a social media account can provide customer support when your consumers need it. It links them to your official website as well, thus, guiding them to your primary haven.

Regardless of your industry and motive for setting up a site, you provide people with better ways to find you through social media. In doing so, you give your ideas a maximized potential to expand to a wider variety of supporters.

3. Convey Trust

Trust is a worthy investment and goal. One of the good things you get out of social media is a higher potential for increased conversions, which you can achieve through humanizing your brand.

“By providing a great place of engagement for your community and helping build valuable, authentic resources for your brand’s niche, you’re also building up authority for your brand within your industry.” – Kristy Bolsinger and Moz Staff

To humanize your brand means to present valuable and authentic offerings to current and potential consumers. Social media thrives with people you know from different walks of life. You connect with them to allow them to know you better.

Similarly, you can come up with a good strategy to help people know you better. Think of how you can reach out to them and maintain a steady communication. By allowing your brand to adapt to people’s needs, you convey trust and gain trust in return. This way, people will be happy to tell others about you. The more connections you have, the more chances you have as well in getting easily found in the internet—this is social media marketing.

Effective Strategies for Marketing

3 Basic Concepts in Marketing through Social MediaAccording to the statistics provided by HubSpot, one-third of the world regularly uses social networks. People just can’t get away from the amount of information they get online. They reach out from anywhere they can; it’s up to you to reach out to them.

“Content marketing can be a hard proposition for smaller companies from a pure SEO perspective but there can still be benefits to sharing expert advice and knowledge—it is just important to understand and be realistic about what you want to get out of it.” -Markus Miller

There is no easy startup, and the results of the effort provided across the internet may not be the same for all. Moz and BuzzSumo tried to analyze the productivity of social media in relation to content, shares, and links. They found that, the type of content has an impact on the number of views it generates. There is also no correlation at all between shares and links.

The best strategy when using social media, therefore, is something that would make people click on the post shared. Sharing alone wouldn’t be profitable. And, the best possible solution largely depends on what you want to achieve and how strongly you stick to it.

Listen to your target market and connect with them. Focus on what’s important. If you are supplying for educational materials exclusively for teachers in your locality, you might need to go school to school, promote your brand, and tell them how you can be easily reached. There are a variety of solutions to different situations.

Learn from the past, market for a purpose, and apply effective strategies online.

If you have any suggestions, questions or just want to connect with us about 3 Basic Concepts in Marketing through Social Media, leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!