Consistency—A Game Changer in Business

Consistency—A Game Changer in Business

Consistency—A Game Changer in Business

What does it take to succeed in business? As the world progresses, it’s ideal that businesses advance to a higher path. Sadly, that is not what’s happening. According to Statistic Brain, 44% of startups fail in just three years. What’s alarming is that almost half of them are due to incompetence. This showcases the need for consistency—a game changer in business. Know why it’s important, and understand how it can promote your business to success!

Here are the four reasons why consistency is so important:

1. Adds Value to Your Business and Clients

There are two things that you can offer to add value: time and services. Having your own business is already an act of creating value. You do business because you have a goal to achieve. You do business because you have something to provide. And by actually having that business, you create value on that something you have.

The thing is…

ADDING value to what you have created is simply a way of improving that thing or goal you have. For your business, it becomes more worthy of other people’s resources. For clients, they feel important and therefore have a good reason to invest.

“Not adding value is the same as taking it away.” Seth Godin

Time runs forever, and it’s free to all. But, you can still find yourself wanting for more of it. You could have so much to do in so little time.

To add value, however, you need to find a way to make the most out of every moment.


Proper management of the resources you have. The same statistics show that incompetence comes from lack of knowledge, skills, and experience–including that of going beyond one’s budget.

When you think about it, all those things can be learned in the process of doing business. The problem apparently is not a lot of business owners succeed in learning all those. There can be a variety of reasons why.

But to add value to your business and clients, you can start with what you have and create a strategy that will enable you to move forward. By being consistent with the services you offer, the time you need to complete a task, and the way you deal with clients, you can take what you have and accomplish goals one step at a time until you achieve the ultimate success that you so wanted for your business.

2. Promotes Trust

Trust is critical in whatever industry you belong. Imagine constructing a mall. In every day that you work, you make sure that what you do is strong enough and good enough to produce a building that can hold lots of people.

If you aren’t consistent in making sure your work is good, you and your workers could end up disunited and your project delayed. The same goes with the people for whom the mall was built. Because you didn’t do well in constructing it, they could end up not enjoying their experience and therefore would be hesitant to return.

“If people like you, they’ll listen to you. But if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” -Zig Ziglar

With consistency, it will be easy for the individuals within your business and for your clients to trust you. That way, you enable them to be familiar with your goals and the quality you produce. And with trust, you give them another reason to look forward for more of your unique offerings.  

3. Builds a Clear Identity

Consistency—A Game Changer in BusinessThere is an interesting research by Strategy& about what drives a company’s success. What they found is that the top performing companies are those with a clear identity. Apple being the best.

“Companies rarely fail simply because they don’t understand the market, but many struggle because they don’t understand and leverage what is great about themselves.” -Paul Leinwand

Accordingly, having a clear identity means “standing for something unique and CONSISTENT over time.”

Majority of the companies they surveyed knew their market, but didn’t know enough of themselves to contribute greater things. What’s even interesting is that the companies didn’t possess the same definition of success. The ones which considered assets as a measurement for success performed poor, while those companies who leveraged their capabilities did really well.

This shows how important it is to know what your brand is about, to know what you really want to achieve. When you fully understand what you are about and what you do, it will be easy for you determine which steps to take and be consistent in doing them.

And as you move along in your business, your vision becomes clearer and success is within reach.

4. Develops You towards Excellence

This is perhaps the sweetest benefit you can have from being consistent.

When you add value to what you provide, when you promote trust in providing that value, and when you know exactly what you are for, you receive enough drive to succeed. In all these, as you practice consistency, you position yourself to achieving excellence.

“Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.” -John C. Maxwell

Moving forward, you give yourself room to grow. You empower yourself to become the better version of what you already are. You allow your business to go beyond the ordinary.

And, you continue improving.

With this, we find that there is truth in failing because of focusing on what you can gain. Performance has a way of telling whether you are successful. And when you understand and use what you have to the fullest, you achieve greater heights in business which others may not have thought possible.   

The Need to Exceed

You can keep on being consistent, and still not improve. Performing day-to-day tasks and achieving goals consistently over time is good. What’s better is when you step out of the ordinary, and be consistent in doing it.

“Most companies do strategy at the margins—they look forward from their current messy and incoherent states and pursue the same trends as anyone else in the industry. This set of incremental steps ultimately leads nowhere, because many companies are all chasing after the same small set of opportunities.” -Cesare Mainardi

Cesare said it all. Lots of companies go after the same interests. In the same survey provided by Strategy&, companies who used their unique capabilities performed better than those who focused on their assets.

When you keep on exceeding expectations, that’s when you experience the power of consistency—a game changer in business.

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