Into the New Web with Chatbots

Into the New Web with Chatbots

Into the New Web with Chatbots

Chatbots have been around in the internet for a number of years. But since Facebook launched Chatbots on Messenger, that just opened a wider door of opportunities for all brands. You too can take your brand into the new web with chatbots.

The good news is…  

Peter Lisoskie of Chatbot Nation is having a 5-day Challenge for everyone interested in building a working chatbot lead funnel inside Facebook Messenger. And, you don’t even have to be a programmer.

“People are spending more time on messaging apps than they are on Social media sites – including Facebook. There’s a major marketing shift going on and the smart early adopters can get started developing chatbots for leads, sales, and brand building inside Facebook Messenger no matter where you are in the world.” -Peter Lisoskie

Read on to learn about his program, understand how you can make the most out of the opportunity, and market your brands effectively with chatbots!

The Opportunity on Facebook Messenger

Into the New Web with ChatbotsPeter Lisoskie is the CEO and Founder of InViral, a company that helps entrepreneurs develop products and services and launch them into the marketplace using the digital economy. Peter is a seasoned engineer, who has helped develop more than 400 products. He’s been featured on CNN, Fox Business, and MSNBC.

But he has something more important to share with you…

He has been following chatbots for quite some time. And when Facebook started integrating them in their Messenger app, he saw the massive opportunity that it has for all types of brands.

As of April 2017, Facebook Messenger has a total of around 1 billion active users. Needless to say, these users regularly use the messenger app to connect with friends and family—and now the opportunity exists for these same users to connect with company brands using a chatbot that allow the user to pick their own adventure for content delivery, ecommerce, or customer service.

What You Can Do With Chatbots

Facebook has been on the move to creating fascinating user-driven experiences in their platform. It is their utmost desire for communities to connect and be open. With chatbots on Messenger, they are bringing a whole new way for people to experience the web and experience Facebook.

So, what exactly are chatbots?

These are automated conversations driven by the user to identify qualified customers, gather leads, and increase sales conversions.

“In the future as chatbots incorporate artificial intelligence when [people] type in responses, [chatbots] will learn based on [their] responses and the chatbot will answer [them] back with natural language sequencing based on those responses. For now, chatbots use pre-designed natural language responses to give users a choice on response using buttons and recognized keywords.” -Peter Lisoskie

Peter first tried to implement chatbots in his massage spa business. The results were astounding. Normally an email marketing campaign would have around 20% of open rates and 2-4% click through rates, but with chatbots they’re getting 90% of open rates and over 30% click throughs.

Chatbots will not replace online sales funnels but can certainly help to pre-qualify users and deliver them a sales experience that is very relevant to them – and that means ultra-qualified leads and increased sales conversions.  

A Better Way to Drive In Users

In the past few years the popularity of Facebook ads have dramatically increased and so have ad costs. Facebook ads have been a good way to target audiences using demographic, geographic, interests, and behaviors. But there’s one drawback – Facebook has said that by the end of 2017, they will have run out of ad space.

What that means is increased competition and ad costs for everyone.

So what is Facebook to do?

Turn to Facebook Messenger…

“The rise in Facebook ad costs and all the noise of advertising in the news feed make it a great time for companies, business owners, and entrepreneurs to seek out alternative ways to decrease costs and create a better user experience for their potential customer. Chatbots allow a user-driven experience that is relevant. That increases engagement and helps all of us learn more about our customers with the chatbot.” -Peter Lisoskie

Fortunately with chatbots, you empower your customers to be in control of their browsing, and enjoy the experience throughout.

Push vs Pull Marketing

As marketing goes…there are two types of marketing: push and pull. Push marketing includes ads, emails, direct mail, social media, and webinars. It’s called push, as a marketer typically pushes the message to a user without knowing if all the users are actually interested in the one-size-fits-all message. The downside to this…decreased conversions, being annoying, and opt-outs from your campaigns.

“You are pushing something out there with the hopes that you’re getting your message to the right people.” -Peter Lisoskie

On the other hand, pull marketing empowers people to choose which path they wish to take. It gives the control to the user to choose their own adventure – through your chatbot.

Pull marketing is much more powerful as it fosters engagement relevant to the user so when you do provide them with your solution it meets their needs. Chatbots are the communication vehicle that enable pull marketing.

And that makes chatbots powerful.

The queries the chatbot delivers let the user choose based on their interests, and best of all the user gets it instantly. No longer is it acceptable for the user to be on-hold or wait for a support response in email – they’ll go elsewhere to your competition.

Chatbots provide them not only that, but also make them feel like they are having authentic conversations with the brands they chat with.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Artificial intelligence has already stepped in, and people are getting used to the convenience they provide. They are everywhere. They come in the form of virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana, video games, and chat support.

You simply state what you need, and these AI systems will create a solution for you. With chatbots of the future, for example, you can order pizza, make payments, schedule appointments, get the latest news, play games, or simply converse with it. Brands can customize the chatbots they provide to users.

The thing is…

Artificial intelligence and chatbots will change the way people interact with brands. It’s inevitable.

“Now is the time for the smart early adopters to take advantage of this opportunity. It’s no different than when pioneers all over the world settled and acquired great expanses of land to build wealth. Chatbots and artificial intelligence is the next big land grab. You can build a massive tribe of engaged followers for less money with higher conversions.” -Peter Lisoskie

According to Peter, NOW is the perfect timing.

Chatbots are currently in the early adopter phase where smart people, who see this opportunity,  are starting to learn about them – and experiment with strategies to build tribes, gather leads and create sales conversions. If you wait until this hits ‘main street’ you’ll be too late as competition will be fierce and costs will rise.

Journey with Chatbot Nation

Into the New Web with ChatbotsAre you ready to begin your journey into the new web with chatbots?

This May 15, 2017, Peter is hosting a 5-day challenge to teach beginners how to create their very own chatbot lead funnel. At the end of the 5 days you’ll have a working chatbot. More importantly, you’ll have opened your mind to the power of what chatbots can do in your business.

You have 3 ways to participate in the major marketing shift that’s happening right now:

  1. FB closed group, where you can ask questions and meet other people in the community
  2. Chatbot guide, which you can access for free
  3. 5-Day Challenge, where you can learn firsthand how to build a lead funnel

When you join the 5-day challenge, you’ll be learning and doing. Peter will be releasing video lessons and homework to help you implement what you learned that day. It’ll only take 30-45 minutes a day to complete the challenge. And at the end of five days, you’ll have a lead generation chatbot—a good first step to understanding the potential of chatbots inside your own business.

More exciting activities are coming to Chatbot Nation. You can visit them in their Facebook page, or join them here. Peter is open to any questions you may have. Reach out to him, and see you around!

Be a smart early adopter. Get in while it’s hot, and make your land grab with chatbot marketing.

**Photos courtesy of Chatbot Nation

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