Crafting Remarkable Client Experiences with Brand Architect Jared Angaza

Crafting Remarkable Client Experiences with Brand Strategist Jared Angaza

Crafting Remarkable Client Experiences with Brand Architect Jared Angaza

Do you feel your brand experience is all that could be? Too often, failure to lay a solid foundation leads to mediocrity or worse quitting. Learn about Crafting Remarkable Client Experiences with Brand Architect Jared Angaza. Seize the power of a brand, understand what’s necessary, and be guided through the process to make your business stand out!

Meet Jared Angaza

For 20 years, Jared has worked with various clients around the world to create specific strategies, brands, campaigns, events, and teachings. He served as the go-to consultant of American Indian Movement, ONE Campaign, USAID, and International Justice Mission besides others.

You may have learned about him through the book Wisdom Meets Passion, which he co-authored with Dan Miller.

Now, he is working with Slapshot Studio to help leaders grow their brands and websites. Here’s some advice from Jared on how you can optimize your brand experience.

Q: What exactly is a brand, and what are its key components?

When you walk into Starbucks, the employees in green aprons greet you with a warm welcome, you see their green logo of the two-tailed mermaid, they call you by your name when your order is ready—all these assure you that you’re in the right place. These things tell you it’s Starbucks. And, that’s what sets them apart.

“A brand is the experience that you create either deliberately or unintentionally.” -Jared Angaza

When you talk about brands, you talk about your client’s experience. To Jared, it is the soul and personality of your company.

Crafting Remarkable Client Experiences with Brand Strategist Jared AngazaWhatever type of organization you have and no matter how big it is, you must be deliberate about the brand experience you create. Most business fail to put enough focus on the customer experience, and instead spend their efforts just trying to get new leads or build their audience. 

Many focus on running their businesses so much that they neglect the experience they create for their clients. Questions they may ask are: How do I run a business that makes money? How do I take care of my customers to the extent that they will keep on paying me money?

But, its not just about logistics and operations. It’s about more than that.

Your brand reflects your vision. Lack of vision will make it very difficult to achieve your goals.

“The goal is to ensure that your customers feel they are valued and cared for.” -Jared Angaza

If you want your brand to work, you need to KNOW and UNDERSTAND its key components. Among them are:
  1. Vision – What impact do you want to leave on the people you serve?
  2. Core Values – What are the things you care about as an organization?
  3. Brand Essence – Why are you doing such and such things?
  4. Process – How do you want to carry out your business?
  5. Brand Mantra – Who are you totally as a brand?

As Jared said, what sets the deliberate from the unintentional is the attention, time, and investment that one exerts to succeed.

Q: What makes a powerful brand?

There is this inspiring example by Apple. From their App Store to any device they have, they offer a very specific experience for their customers. Would they have achieved the same success if they were inconsistent?

“If you want to build a great brand, build it on hopes of creating that experience every time for the customer.” -Jared Angaza

Consistency plays a critical role in any business.

Crafting Remarkable Client Experiences with Brand Strategist Jared AngazaParticularly in crafting your brand, consistency keeps you on track with your goals and vision. It keeps you in step with the experience you provide to your clients. And, that’s how they become familiar with your brand.

“At the end of the day, being deliberate about crafting a brand experience that delights your customers is the best way to foster a community of loyal brand ambassadors.” -Jared Angaza

Keep in mind, however…

Branding is different from marketing. While your brand is the experience, marketing is how you promote it.

Whether you plan to market online or offline, your brand should stay the same. It is the constant with which you base your marketing efforts. The way you market, impacts the experience you provide as well.

Q: What is the essence of what you do? The very core of your vision?

Jaime Jay of Slapshot Studio met Jared Angaza through a mutual friend. Jaime started the company in 2013 to help entrepreneurs in the process of creating a website. As the years progressed, the company evolved and grew as well.

Jaime had clients who needed to craft remarkable experiences in their businesses. During which, Jared was just coming out of his creative agency in Nairobi, Africa.

At such a PERFECT TIMING as that…

The two of them shared forces and are now set to help ambitious individuals and organizations craft their respective brands. You too can work with them.

Options for Brand Development:
  • Brand Birth – You’ve got an idea, you’re an entrepreneur and you’re starting a new brand from the ground up.
  • Rebrand – You’ve been in business for a while and want to reposition yourself in the market, or focus more on a specific niche, and you need to transition into a revised brand experience.

That’s when a brand architect comes in. He takes what you need, and provides you with a tailor-fit solution. In all these, he ensures that what you provide as business owner is the best experience that your clients can have.

For any business or organization who wish to take on the lead online, complete branding includes these 4 phases:
  1. Brand Audit – This is where the brand architect checks what you need, and coaches you on how you can achieve the lifestyle you want out of your business. He evaluates the necessary components, and guides you through the process of how you can manage your business accordingly.
  2. Brand Profile – From the information gathered, you identify who you are as a brand. This includes specifying your ideal clients, their psychographics, and essentially getting clear on what you want to achieve.
  3. Visual Identity – Together with the graphic designers, Jared helps you realize the creative and aesthetics concepts of your brand. This is where your logo, application standards, and other such things related to your brand’s visual identity are created.
  4. Brand Launch – Once the first 3 phases are complete, Jared will help you come up with efficient strategies to promote your brand.

You must continually adapt your brand experience to be in line with frequent social and economic shifts. Your vision can remain the same for as long as you have your business. But as time advances with new trends and changes, your method of doing business must continue to evolve and adapt.

“We can’t do things the same way all the time forever—it just doesn’t work.” -Jared Angaza

The changes call businesses and organizations to be flexible. To succeed, there stands a need to take deliberate actions and act accordingly. Thankfully, Jared has teamed up with Slapshot Studio to help you deal with it. 🙂

Q: What is one takeaway from your experiences as Brand Architect?

New lessons come with every project he takes. From all those experiences he had, one BIG TAKEAWAY is…

“The importance of being able to craft the team that needs to be there to service the brand…” -Jared Angaza

Crafting Remarkable Client Experiences with Brand Strategist Jared AngazaHaving a team with skills and passion is nice, but having that team of individuals working together towards a goal is better. Branding is not just something you put outside for people to see and be attracted to.

Developing a team of individuals—the important, internal components of your business—requires that they share the same experience as well.

It could mean…

Remotivating them, having fun with them, hiring new people, or even firing some people. And, you do all those to grow the culture you have as a whole. Through it all, a brand architect reminds you of the importance of focusing on crafting that experience.

Q: What advice do you have for entrepreneurs and business owners?

Jared strongly believes that how people do anything is how they do everything.

For many years, he worked with a company that chose to package their products with recyclable materials. From that, one can easily perceive that they are environment friendly.

Crafting Remarkable Client Experiences with Brand Strategist Jared AngazaThe little things you do also tell a story about you.

“When someone shows a great deal of respect and reverence for that experience they are creating, they do it in all ways.” -Jared Angaza

Whether you are exchanging emails with your clients, designing your store front, developing your team, or doing anything in your business, you reflect a part of who you are and what you are about.

What experience are you crafting?

Impact spreads across the people and things you get in touch with. What Jared found is similar to the concept of sowing and reaping: when you spend a great deal of attention, people will also be very deliberate with how they deal with you. And, that is something you can carry on throughout your business journey.

**Lots of thanks to Slapshot Studio’s very own Brand Architect, Jared Angaza, for sharing his insights on crafting remarkable client experiences. You are that one guiding light that helps individuals and organizations find their true gem and leverage it for their finest potentials.

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